Wednesday, November 14, 2007

bring back the blue skies!

Today is rainy and gloomy and was cold yesterday but it did not seem that way with the beautiful sky - so here are a few more from yesterday to bring back the blue skies!

not so fuschia fuschiasthe bus stopcolors in Belsize Villagespeckled flowersreaching for the skydo you see what I see?pretty leavesSt. John's and the blue skytree pornholly leavesfound a nutChecking out the birds

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Scenes from Hampstead Village

mini applesrose with a slight blush centerpurple stemmed flowersfigureheadchimneystree shadowred vine leaves
I ttook a nice long walk today - was clear and sunny and the temp was about 43F -

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday Walk

Several of the shots that I took today as I wandered through the neighborhood loving the crisp weather ...

branching outpink flying sauceryellowdecaylittle pinksMemories of Ivy pastLMAOfireworks cafe & ants munchingred fencehow many rings can you count?more fireworksPod Porn for Haze


LaidOutInLavender and I had a good giggle about this sign that I saw the other night:

so when I saw this one today, I could not resist and then the immediate thought was - so if Death is stalking you, do not attempt to escape by climbing the walls.  riiiiiight.  LMAO.  WHO WROTE THESE!?!?
But the most confusing part is that the walls are brick...NOT painted.  Good grief.

Central London Night Shots

The central London night shots - hitting some of the most recognizable sights in the city!  Hope you enjoy!

You have been warned - lolPub on Charing Cross RoadPalace Theatreon the busThe Prime Minister's CageGordon's Guard at #10 Downing StreetRussian Accordion Player in the TubeBig Ben TowerLondon EYEParliamentParliament through the gatesParliamentgates around ParliamentGates around Parliament
Lion at Trafalgar SquareBig Ben and ParliamentWestminsternight lightsBusy LondonBendy Bus and cab at Trafalgar Square
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