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My name is Kimberly and I am a transplant to Utah via South Florida, London, Arizona and Delaware.  Can you tell that I am a bit of a gypsy?  Utah finally feels like home so we are settling in and still in our first year of Utah life and loving it.  Beehive Blog is a lot about Utah and my experiences here and some of my experiences as a Mom.  of a teenager.  And we thought the terrible two's were scary?

Residing in the foothills of the southern Wasatch Front,  I am a WAHM (work at home Mom) with a 13 yr old boy (Z Man) and 2 fuzzy faced kitty girls (Princess Anabelle & Noodle).   and coffee.  lots and lots of coffee.  and a MAC.  because I am soooo not a PC.

My business is  Parasol Creations (a New Media Consortium of Creative Women Who Have Come Together to Achieve World Domination) where I am the Chief Umbrella Holder.  Parasol Creations does all kinds of cool things like Social Media for businesses, website designs and refreshes and ... Twitter Parties!

What?  You have not been to a twitter party??  Come and Join Us!  Or if you have a business or product, come talk to me!

My other business is  4virtu where I am the Director of Social Media and Digital Strategy.  Both of my jobs include lots of tweeting and blogging which are two of my favorite pasttimes!  and World Domination is on my bucket list.   

I have been a resident of the blogosphere since 2005 and I currently manage content and social media profiles for over 7 sites.  I love it.

If you just want to say HI then track me down at  @BeehiveBlog on Twitter or fill out the contact form above to Contact the Queen Bee.

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As the Queen Bee on the Beehive Blog, if you have a product or service for review, I will be happy to consider it and post about it.  If you would like to be included on the blogroll, add your logo and link to the Friends of the Hive.  If I have received a free product or service for review, I state that very clearly in the post.  Information about the products, services, etc are completely my opinion, the Queen Bee does not accept money to change her opinion.  Any question about contests on the Beehive Blog - See the disclaimer.  

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