Thursday, July 31, 2008

where did the week go?

Have been busy with work, calling nurses and doctors!  Know any?  :)  We are paying $1000 for a candidate that I end up placing to anyone who refers them!
Anyways. it has been hectic but super fun - I love talking to people all over the country - I can sometimes speak to people in more than 20 states in a day! 
I did sneak a walk in so here are a few of the pics of the area around the house...and of course, snuck in a few more pics of the dragonflies!
Happy Friday early!!!!
Evening Sky
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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

coffee and memes

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

on my walk today I saw ...

BUGS!  and LIZARDS!  and (dear gods) SPIDERS! and BUTTERFLIES! 

The grass was cut around the complex which caused little clouds of gnats to be displaced which in turn caused HORDES of dragonflies to fly around like maniacs!  They never landed though as they were too busy dive bombing the clouds and eating them I assume.  It was pretty cool to see all the dragonflies - all different from the ones I have seen before and all colors - but I will have to wait til evening and they are full to take some pics, I hope.

I walked down to see my alien plants and ... they were almost gone!  very quick cycle.  I emailed the research site and offered them my pics and the head of the research said to send them along to put on their site so that was pretty neat and they are going to add Florida as a location.

So here are a few...I was only out for about 30 min due to the heat and at one point, I was following the butterfly and ended up in a patch of spiders....oh MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD...panic - snapped a few and only one came out as I was carefully backing out of the area - there were about 20 all hanging out - I almost passed out.  but got one creepy crawly...sigh.

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Sherlock and the Weird Plant

Went for a walk this morning as the storm clouds are building and may wash out the rest of the day and I found THESE:  little alien plants...I have never seen anything like them and I searched online but could not find any leads.  They seem to grow off of a vine and they are sticky looking - since they are wild, I did not touch them or put my nose down there til I am sure they are not poisonous.  There was no strong aroma but they definitely grow along the ground.  The "flower" starts off as a pod and then when the pod breaks open, the berries are there.  So - any help in identifying would be great!!!!

I am adding this : after MUCH searching - I found this link - Another picture - which is a blog from a trip to Saba in the Caribbean - HOW WILD!  now looking for reference to snake eyes - think it could be a fungus??

 OK - an hour or so later - I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  see here Momordica Charantia and the common name is Balsam-Apple!   It is actually part of the cucumber family!  WOW - how is in all tropical locations and I started to track it from a reference in a botanical guide for Belize which eventually led me to the above link.  Phew - now I am done being Sherlock Holmes and off to have some coffee.
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Not Too Cranky in Florida

WIth the Brits - cranky also means crazy so it is apt in full definition :)!  SO I decided to post some of my pics of Florida that represent the things that I DO like about Florida - these are ones taken in the past few months and just never posted.  I will add some new ones this weekend!

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

PhotoQuest - Framing

I picked 3 photos from this week to submit - all of different subjects (hope I got the concept right!) -
This dragonfly was zipping all over the place and I finally caught him WAY up at the top of a palm tree -

This is the wild iguana and I saved this pic for the photo quest as I thought he was framed quite nicely by the leaves -

and this is a picture of one of my statues and I love how the flowers frame her!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wild Iguana

on my walk this afternoon, I was trying to get a better picture of the bird nest (see bottom) and what I thought was a leaf made a mad dash for the tree.  Yes, it was windy but, no, it was not a leaf!  It was a little wild iguana dude!  I love lizards!!!!!  so here are his candids!  Happy Saturday!
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