Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I love this time of the year -  it has always been a time that marks the close of the "light" half of the year and the beginning of winter and the onset of the "dark" half of the year, as well as a time to remember our Ancestors and those that have passed before us. 

Traditionally, it is also the night that many adults raid the kid's candy bags after the children have gone to bed.  However you choose to celebrate, have fun and beware of chocolate hangovers!

Samhain kitty

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Central London on a Clear, Fall Day

I had an interview today off Haymarket and came home through Trafalgar Square - it was one of those crisp clear Autumn days that are tops!

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

For Patricia - Inspired by Harlot's Sauce excerpt

I stumbled on a fantastic voxer recently who is publishing a book called "Harlot's Sauce".  She has a great website at Harlot's Sauce and you can find her blog at Patricia Volonakis Davis - please check it out - I guarantee that you will enjoy it!  At any rate, during an interchange this evening with her on vox, I was saying that I had enjoyed her excerpts, especially the one on the evil eye.  After commenting back, I wanted to share my own evil eye amulet - hehe - right in my front window - so here it is!   Toof toof toof!

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Some Mythological Offerings from the V&A Museum

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Saturday, October 27, 2007


Tomorrow - weather permitting - I am off to Trafalgar Square to attend the Diwali celebration.  Diwali is the Festival of Lights and signifies the Hindu New Year.  Lamps are lit in recognition of the Light of God (by all names) in all of us and how we must light ourselves as well to attract all that is positive.

A Lakshmi puja is celebrated during Diwali to attract the Goddess Lakshmi's favor in bringing health, wealth and prosperity.  The most beautiful Diwali I participated in was several years ago and the puja was so uplifting.

Blessings of Diwali and Lakshmi to all - may your lights burn bright!


I found this poetic description of Diwali and thought I would add it:

"The word "Diwali" is the corruption of the Sanskrit word "Deepavali" - Deepa meaning light
and Avali, meaning a row.   It means a row of lights and indeed illumination forms its main
attraction. Every home - lowly or mightly - the hut of the poor or the mansion of the rich -
is alit with the orange glow of twinkling diyas-small earthen lamps - to welcome Lakshmi,
Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Multi-coloured Rangoli designs, floral decorations and
fireworks lend picturesness and grandeur to this festival which heralds joy, mirth and
happiness in the ensuring year.  This festival is celebrated on a grand scale in almost
all the regions of India and is looked upon mainly as the beginning of New Year. As such
the blessings of Lakshmi, the celestial consort of Lord Vishnu are invoked with prayers.
Even countries like Gkyena, Thailand, Trinidad, Siam and Malaya celebrate this festival
but in their own ways.  This Diwali festival, it is surmised dates back to that period
when perhaps history was not written, and in its progress through centuries it lighted
path of thousands to attain the ultimate good and complete ecstasy."
-  Malini Bisen, Diwali Festival, India

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Some More Autumn Offerings from London

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Late Night Ghouls at the V&A Museum

SO many cool things to do in London and one of them is the late nights at the V&A Museum. 

The theme for tonight was Who's Afraid of the Dark? and between the gothic dj's, spooky tours, pictures of yourself as a corpse and flowing wine and beer, I would say that they have the Halloween Spirit (haha) just right! 

Unfortunately, I got there too late to get a ticket to one of the spooky tours - Tortured Souls and Ghostly Presence or Death, Ghosts and Apparitions at the V&A - but it was a good reference to check back and see what else they have going on in the coming months and to make sure and get there early.  At that time of night, just riding the Tube is a pretty entertaining experience and seeing all the club chic and goth looks as well! 

It was a great time to wander through some of the exhibits that are available at the V&A - it is a HUGE building that goes on for at least a block - and of course, for me, the Sculptures exhibit was primo!  Tons of Rodin - that was the first I have seen that many of his in one place.  I scooped a map to head back another time and see more but I was well impressed! 

Sipping a glass of wine and perusing sculptures of mythology while the DJ's in the Grand Entrance Hall were spinning the Monster Mash was a pretty fun Friday night!

Link to Flickr Set for V&A Museum

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My Favorite Month - October

In the great silence of my favorite month,
October (the red of maples, the bronze of oaks,
A clear-yellow leaf here and there on birches),
I celebrated the standstill of time.

The vast country of the dead had its beginning everywhere:
At the turn of a tree-lined alley, across park lawns.
But I did not have to enter, I was not called yet.
Motorboats pulled up on the river bank, paths in pine needles.
It was getting dark early, no lights on the other side.
I was going to attend the ball of ghosts and witches.
A delegation would appear there in masks and wigs,
And dance, unrecognized, in the chorus of the living.

-   Czeslaw Milosz, All Hallow's Eve
Translated by Czeslaw Milosz and Leonard Nathan 

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Autumn Dreams

I know the year is dying,
Soon the summer will be dead.
I can trace it in the flying
Of the black crows overhead;
I can hear it in the rustle
Of the dead leaves as I pass,
And the south wind's plaintive sighing
Through the dry and withered grass.
Ah, 'tis then I love to wander,
Wander idly and alone,
Listening to the solemn music
Of sweet nature's undertone;
Wrapt in thoughts I cannot utter,
Dreams my tongue cannot express,
Dreams that match the autumn's sadness
In their longing tenderness.
-  Mortimer Crane Brown, Autumn Dreams

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Samhain Cometh

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hunt My Head Please!

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