Friday, October 26, 2007

Late Night Ghouls at the V&A Museum

SO many cool things to do in London and one of them is the late nights at the V&A Museum. 

The theme for tonight was Who's Afraid of the Dark? and between the gothic dj's, spooky tours, pictures of yourself as a corpse and flowing wine and beer, I would say that they have the Halloween Spirit (haha) just right! 

Unfortunately, I got there too late to get a ticket to one of the spooky tours - Tortured Souls and Ghostly Presence or Death, Ghosts and Apparitions at the V&A - but it was a good reference to check back and see what else they have going on in the coming months and to make sure and get there early.  At that time of night, just riding the Tube is a pretty entertaining experience and seeing all the club chic and goth looks as well! 

It was a great time to wander through some of the exhibits that are available at the V&A - it is a HUGE building that goes on for at least a block - and of course, for me, the Sculptures exhibit was primo!  Tons of Rodin - that was the first I have seen that many of his in one place.  I scooped a map to head back another time and see more but I was well impressed! 

Sipping a glass of wine and perusing sculptures of mythology while the DJ's in the Grand Entrance Hall were spinning the Monster Mash was a pretty fun Friday night!

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