Thursday, October 18, 2007


Going away makes you realize where home is.  For years in Florida, I still thought of Delaware as home.  Considering that I spent 13 years in Florida, it was never fully home.  It always felt like a stopgap and so it was, albeit a long one.  Arizona felt homey...more quickly than Florida but coming back here to England and P after 2 weeks in Florida has made me realize that England has become home immediately.  Part of it is that my mind associates England with Delaware temperately - it feels like the weather I grew up with and it even looks like it as far as foliage.  But the big part is that, as they say, home is where the heart is...and that would be here.  And home will be completely complete when Z-man brings the rest of my heart with him.
I realized as I sat on the tube yesterday after the overnight flight, that something in me had eased.  Of course, getting through immigration on my new visa eased some anxiety as well :)!  I stepped out of the tube station at Belsize Park, though, and I was delighted.  I was home.
Our high today will be 55 - it was about 45 this morning when I woke up - sunny and crisp!  The leaves are starting to change so I can't wait to take some pics of the leaves changing - I missed autumn so much!
So the rest of the week is letting the jet lag catch up, getting more resumes out and settling in, finally, to home.

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