Friday, October 5, 2007

South Florida Re-Entry

I have not decided if I am having culture shock on reentry to the United States or if it is just because I am in the Land of OZ aka South Florida.  It's not like South Florida is such a good barometer of what is normal elsewhere in the US and some things never change here - like old people stopping dead in the middle of the highway because they suddenly forgot where they are driving or being unable to ask questions in a store or restaurant because no one actually speaks English.  Then again - some of the good things have not changed either, like the beach and the interesting weather (when it is not hurricane pending) and, of course, the awesome food!  I already have 2 lobsters under my belt and lots of yummy fish is coming tonight!
I have noticed that people seem louder but South Florida has always been a cacophony.  People are definitely more chatty here than in England, just in general, but they are also ruder and more vocal about said rudeness but that is a SO Flo thing for sure. 
At any rate - seeing my family and the beach is all worth any type of culture bumps and my tummy does not mind the seafood a bit!  Next on the list - REAL black beans and rice!

Early Morning on the beach - Boca looking towards Deerfield
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