Saturday, November 3, 2007

Snow White Kinda Moments

I was up very early this morning - took off to the Heath and made it as the sun was up and starting to peep into the Heath.  It has been a very animal oriented day starting with the ducks at Hamsptead Heath:

and then moving to the other end of the pond with the swans:

and then we were joined by the white swan's buddies - are there grey swans???  or are they geese?  I should interject that I like to admire all fowl from afar after being traumatized at 2 years old by a goose that was as tall as me and fascinated with my lacy toddler panties - so fascinated that he chased me round and round poking at me or, more specifically, at my butt.  Since then - I admire from a distance although geese do not really rank high on my list (right!?!!?) so forgive my ignorance of knowing if these are grey geese (I mean it IS a vodka) or grey swans....

grey goose/swan/bird/whateverpondside at the Reunion

So life was idyllic this morning at the ponds...until the arrival of Rob - an energetic golden retriever who apparently had quite a passion for fowl himself...

Rob getting the Swansthe swans head for RobRob is more courageous on the bank
A passion that only lasted until the swan/geese/birds/whatever noticed him swimming frenetically towards them.  They turned as a unit and began to swim towards him and Rob (who must have done this before) hastily reversed direction and contented himself with posturing from the bank.  Another pet owner standing there and giggling with me commented that actually, swans were quite dangerous and could break a dog's neck.  Geez - who knew??  Apparently Rob did judging from his reversal.
So, all was well at the Heath as the dogs began to arrive and walk their owners. 

This afternoon, though, I was heading to the library and walking up the street when I spotted a squirrel dashing in front of me.  I took out my camera figuring I would not catch him but to my great surprise, not only did he stop, but he proceeded to chatter and move towards me.   Aggressively.   I was a bit taken aback at the ferociousness but it was enormously funny at the same time.  I suppose I need to leave more nuts for the winter...

Aggressive little buggerthe telling off continuesMore NUTS!More nuts or we send Guido and you don't want to see Guido

He actually was scampering away when he heard the camera and turned around again at the curb and started all over again. I guess even squirrels need to have a release.  Hilarious!

So - those are my Snow White moments with the animals minus me singing (be grateful for that) and birds landing on me (I AM grateful for that)...wonder when the short guys show up and do you think that they will do the laundry?

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