Friday, December 7, 2007

More from the United Arab Emirates

There were some very entertaining things that I encountered in the UAE...Here are a few of them....
Advertised on the side of a taxi:

You may have to enlarge that but it is advertising Camel milk and it says: Camelicious!  I almost wet myself...and confused the poor taxi driver who thought I was having some kind of fit.  And then just driving down the street we see:
If anyone has a satisfactory explanation for this and can give it to me with a straight face, I would love to hear it!  And then some things are just kind of funny in the translation such as the billboards and the Arabic "models":
with five o clock shadows and all!  And you know how all of our hotel drawers have a bible...well not so in a Muslim country (which did not at first register), instead there was a little sticker:
which was just funny because OF COURSE there would not be a Bible, not like I was looking for one either....:)....and then where else would there be a huge golf ball on a skyscraper?
and here is the first camel that I saw who is problem suffering from Post traumatic stress disorder from me staggering over a sand dune in high heels and shrieking OMG CAMELS!!!!!!!!!!  Poor thing and the sand is like talcum powder if you can even imagine...the camel could not...
Thanksgiving was so special and touching as 5 minutes after midnight, my co-workers ordered a bottle of champagne and did a Thanksgiving toast and the next evening presented me with a Thanksgiving cake so I would not feel sad about being alone at Thanksgiving...
My Thanksgiving Cake from all my co-workersJust as good as a turkey!

and an entrance that I could not bring myself to enter and actually made me a bit upset but also made me REALLY thankful for where I live...

 and then some of the most beautiful sights at the same time - it was an amazing country!
Sharjah SunsetSharjah SunsetSharjah Sunset
Marina Mall Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi in the distanceDubai the cityDubai skyscrapers
Abu Dhabi Police Departmentpink skyscraper Abu Dhabibig buildings Abu Dhabi
burger king chicken fries in Abu DhabiCrowne Plaza Abu DhabiXmas Tree lobby of Crowne Plaza Hotelpink breast cancer awareness ceilingTawam Hospital PolyclinicTawam Hospital Polyclinicdesert outside Al Aindesert moondesert sanddesert moon
building a new bridge - Abu Dhabimosque Abu Dhabithe desert outside Dubai

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