Tuesday, July 22, 2008

busy busy

Has been a busy couple of days - lots of moving stuff around here at the house and still not much sleep.  I am considering taking a roommate for a few months to cut down on some expenses as the new job ramps up.  Did I mention that it is commission only?  eek :) good thing I love it but after lots of thought - the roommate option seems to be the best.  The apartment is set up perfectly so that they could have their own room and living space and so can I.  wee bit tighter quarters but I can live with it.  So much rearranging and finding new homes and creative homes for the several hundred books and all my statues and stuff i love... :)  I packed some away and there is just still tons!
Crossing fingers that I find someone nice...otherwise I could always just go camp out with the dragonflies!  :)
Here are a few more Florida pics...

A1A - ocean highway
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