Friday, July 18, 2008

Full Moon

Today is the Full Moon for July and I have provided a link below for some great information from Lisa Dale Miller's site on the Full Moon:
Full Moon Message - Full Moon in Capricorn July 18, 2008
Astrology provides us with important tools on the road to self discovery and self evolution and keeping track of the planets and their activities gives us a framework for planning that road.  I have had my charts done in the Western system and the Vedic (India), as well as having my son's charts done.  I have been reading about astrology for years and I am always impressed with the accuracy of the information applied to my life.  Sometimes, as I get busy in life and do not stay up on my reading about the movement of the planets, I find a repetitive pattern occurring in my life and when I check back with the planets, sure enough!  There it is!  In that vein - Jupiter being retrograde since mid May makes COMPLETE sense for me.  Check it out and you I am sure you will find the same.
So, I posted the link above.  Lisa Dale Miller is a psychotherapist and artist and also teaches astrology and tarot from a depth perspective.  She has done Empowerment Workshops for women and I have always found her Moon Messages to be spot on!  I hope you enjoy and have a happy Friday!

Ldm Ritual 1998
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