Sunday, July 20, 2008

Good Morning from the Dragonfly Stalker

It has been a busy morning - another insomnia night so I just stayed up and then headed out at about 5:30am for the beach to get the sunrise.  And it was beautiful!  And I have pictures.  BUT the pictures are stuck on my camera - sigh - and hte cable is floating around here somewhere....I think.  Normally, I use a memory card but I forgot to take it out of the card reader and got there - ah well - LOL - brains go mushy with no sleep.  SO...I got back and walked around back of the house to at least take some pics of the cool clouds and much to my surprise - the dragonflies were there!  Not quite as many as in the evening but still alot!  So here are my early morning bug stalking pictures and I even got another kind - I think it is a butterfly but I will have to toss that to the voxpert - PAT!!!   I was also joined by another stalker...slinking through the grass and getting ready to pounce and then he saw me and took off - it was a little wild kitty!  These are all single shots as they were more spread out and they seem to be a bit more frenetic in the morning.  I came away with about 50 blurred pictures!  HAPPY SUNDAY!

Home of the Dragonflies
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