Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lamb Pita Pizzas

This recipe was a big repeat dinner when I lived in London - the lamb there is to die for and the beef - well ... mad cow is not really on my menu.  Since I have been in Utah, I have only found ground lamb one time.  If anyone local knows where to get it near Provo, let me know!  Substitute freely!

Ground lamb
Pine Nuts
Tomatoes - chopped
Cucumbers -chopped
Onions - chopped
fresh coriander - chopped
garlic - minced

cook ground lamb the same as you would ground beef - I like to add garlic, oregano & some fresh chopped coriander. 
place the pitas on a baking tray.  brush them with olive oil.
place a scoop of lamb on each pita.
sprinkle pine nuts, feta and chopped tomatoes on top of lamb.   
stick in oven at about 375 til cheese warms and pitas get toasty.

I like to make a greek salad complete with balsamic vinagrette and then I add that to the top when they come out of the oven.  You can also serve with tzatziki and hummus.

Pizza Pitas come in as many combinations as you can think of!  and the kids really like making their own "pizza" with toppings.

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