Monday, October 25, 2010

Buffalo Stalking on Antelope Island

This past weekend was supposed to be a cool trip to Arches Park and Moab but due to the weather reports of snow at high elevations and the lack of a 4 wheel drive, we decided to stay local.  Antelope Island was the destination and I have a new hobby - Buffalo Stalking!

Although the day was cloudy and a bit rainy, there were enough peeks of sunshine and blue skies that we thought we would make the trek to Antelope Island.  From Provo, it is about 85 miles.  The clouds made for great backdrops of the scape of the island which is extremely primitive and natural.

The lady at the gate before we crossed the 7 mile, 2 lane road to the island advised us to head to the ranch to see the wildlife if they were out and about.  Wildlife includes 550-700 bison that roam free, pronghorn and bighorn sheep, mule deer and antelope.  We only saw buffalo but we saw a good number of the herd.

We spent about 4 hours driving and exploring the island.  We stopped to admire the buffalo and, if they were close enough, we did get out on the trails to get some pictures ...  slowly.  carefully.  and not getting toooooo close because they are HUGE.  HUGE.  and they can run fast.  really really fast.

So when I say Buffalo Stalking, I mean because the buffalo let me.  for which I am eternally grateful because they are awesome!  There is something breathtaking and iconic about seeing them in the distance and up close.

We witnessed some sparring along the side of the road and no one really had the urge to hurry the buffalo off the road.  A buffalo traffic jam ensued which was highly entertaining!

Everyone enjoyed the day - we took tons of pics - and we spent some time in the Visitor Center watching the movie and checking out the exhibits.

The Beehive Blog nominates Antelope Island as the BEE's KNEES!  and my new completely favorite place in Utah.

For more pictures - I will be adding to my Flickr:

What is your favorite place in Utah?             
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  1. Hi there! I grew up in Utah..actually in Bountiful. I went out to Antelope Island when I was little but have wanted to go back for YEARS! I loved your pictures!! Thanks for sharing...oh and favorite place in Utah? mmm probably hiking the mountains in September!


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