Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Some of My Favorite Things...

After a month, still suffering from occasional bouts of homesickness, I thought I would analyze that a bit.  What exactly am I homesick for?  (besides the obvious of Z man and family) What are the things that I miss about the United States?  and what are some of my new favorite things about living in the UK?  so with a wee bit of commentary - here they are - I will think about the homesick bits some more:
1.  The Weather - riiiiight....I mean it.  I love the weather - the coolness, the cloudiness, the rain, the wind - yup I LIKE IT!  After 15 years of living in areas that have more sun than most places in the world, I was so ready to change.  Besides, there is something awesomely decadent about snuggling in bed with a book on a rainy day.  PLUS...I got to wear my cute blue raincoat two times!  I have not, however, had a chance for the pink umbrella - SOON!
2.  Walking - again, Yanks have a hard time remembering that we have legs and feet to walk with and not just to operate the pedals in the car. 
3.  The Culture - it is everywhere here - walking down the street is a frigging amazing cultural experience.  I grew up in the Northeast where I was exposed to culture and history - operas and plays in New York City, history in Philadelphia and Washington DC and MUSEUMS ... Fifteen years in the new NEW colonies of Florida and Arizona removes one from that exposure.  and I missed it.  was starving for it.  and now I am a bit overwhelmed but tickled pink!
4.  teaspoons - yup.  the teaspoons here are really damn cute. little!  not at all like our teaspoons but then that makes sense since tea has not been as popular as coffee. 
5.  Washer/Dryer Combos - I had never seen one, actually had no idea that they even existed - Perfect for me who always forgot to change the wash into the dryer!
6.  TREES - BIG, Wind rustling through the branches real trees - I am a dork but I just don't care :).
7.  Old Things - since 90% of the UK is probably older than the US, it is really funny that something dated 1692 is not old :)
8.  BBC4 - but I like the history stuff - the Big Brother phenomenon is a bit repulsive to me same as in the US
9.  Riding the bus and the tube - I was lucky enough to be given a car at 16 when I got my driving license and as such, unless I was visiting somewhere, I never took public transport and I never got to ride the bus.  The double decker buses are just cool.
And my most favorite thing in the UK .... THAT is easy ... that would be L4.  :)

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