Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sherlock and the Weird Plant

Went for a walk this morning as the storm clouds are building and may wash out the rest of the day and I found THESE:  little alien plants...I have never seen anything like them and I searched online but could not find any leads.  They seem to grow off of a vine and they are sticky looking - since they are wild, I did not touch them or put my nose down there til I am sure they are not poisonous.  There was no strong aroma but they definitely grow along the ground.  The "flower" starts off as a pod and then when the pod breaks open, the berries are there.  So - any help in identifying would be great!!!!

I am adding this : after MUCH searching - I found this link - Another picture - which is a blog from a trip to Saba in the Caribbean - HOW WILD!  now looking for reference to snake eyes - think it could be a fungus??

 OK - an hour or so later - I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  see here Momordica Charantia and the common name is Balsam-Apple!   It is actually part of the cucumber family!  WOW - how neat...it is in all tropical locations and I started to track it from a reference in a botanical guide for Belize which eventually led me to the above link.  Phew - now I am done being Sherlock Holmes and off to have some coffee.
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