Tuesday, July 29, 2008

on my walk today I saw ...

BUGS!  and LIZARDS!  and (dear gods) SPIDERS! and BUTTERFLIES! 

The grass was cut around the complex which caused little clouds of gnats to be displaced which in turn caused HORDES of dragonflies to fly around like maniacs!  They never landed though as they were too busy dive bombing the clouds and eating them I assume.  It was pretty cool to see all the dragonflies - all different from the ones I have seen before and all colors - but I will have to wait til evening and they are full to take some pics, I hope.

I walked down to see my alien plants and ... they were almost gone!  very quick cycle.  I emailed the research site and offered them my pics and the head of the research said to send them along to put on their site so that was pretty neat and they are going to add Florida as a location.

So here are a few...I was only out for about 30 min due to the heat and at one point, I was following the butterfly and ended up in a patch of spiders....oh MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD...panic - snapped a few and only one came out as I was carefully backing out of the area - there were about 20 all hanging out - I almost passed out.  but got one creepy crawly...sigh.

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