Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday Wanderings

towards the later afternoon, I was just too tempted by all the dartings of the dragonflies past my window by my desk so I grabbed the camera and headed out to see what all the activity was about - turns out was more about it being windy and they were busy zipping around and alighting for split seconds!  Was a good little tour and a nice little break from work.  I saw several new dragonflies today that I have never seen - one was neon green and I caught a quick snap but came out a little blurry and then there was a blue striped near the canal but he did not stop for a minute and, finally, there was a HUGE orange who was as interested in me as I was him!  He kept hovering just off my right shoulder no matter where I walked but never landed.  I was the crazy neighbor talking to him (*EYE ROLL*) and asking him to sit down for a sec for a picture so we will see what the weekend brings.  It was pretty windy so they were having a tough time hanging on - the squirrel on the other hand had no issues at all and seemed happy to pose!
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