Friday, August 1, 2008

New Moon in Leo, Solar Eclipse & Bounty

Happy August 1 and Happy Friday!

Today is the New Moon in Leo and it also occurs on a Solar Eclipse that can be seen in China.
For those interested in the movement of the planets and how it affects your Universe, here is some info to check out:

Lisa Dale Miller's New Moon

Lisa had included a link to the NASA Eclipse home page but the link is not working and when I googled it - it would not come up so perhaps there was too much traffic and I will try later.

Today is also Lammas or Lughnasadh - Wiki Lughnasadh - a reminder to ancient folks that the bounties of summer needed to be harvested to sustain them through the winter and a celebration of Lugh - the God of Light.  Today - it is a good time to reflect on the sowing and reaping of our energies and actions in our lives from a personal, community and global perspective.
So my Friday wish is that your harvests are bountiful and that everyone has time to enjoy the weekend!

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