Friday, January 15, 2010

Scenes from Utah

Utah is all about the landscapes compared to alot of the macro photography that I did.  Big mountains, sprawling lakes, breathtaking vistas ... I have it all here right outside my door.  We get a full four seasons here as well and the winter can get coooold and there is snow!  But the snow is this awesome powdery glittery creation instead of snow sludge like in the northeast. 
Z-man got to see snow for the first time and after tromping to the bus stop in it a few times, he was not as enthralled as I was.  Thankfully, snowball fights seemed to improve his enthusiasm.  As well, we moved to our little home directly across from the school so no more cold waits in the dark at the bus stop.
The peaks here top off at about 12,000 feet and Provo resides at a comfy 4500 feet.  I do not mind the elevation at all until I decided to bake something at Christmas time.  You know all that small print on the baking boxes?  No - me either.  So my cookies tasted great and looked like elephant ankles.

So here are some of the wonderful vistas that I see everyday in my new home ... summer has been wonderful but I am ready for the fall and the leaves changing.  I arrived in Utah right at the end of October so I did not get to see the change last year.

The Wasatch mountains are in the east so at sunset, the sun is dropping down behind the lake and the western mountains.  As the sun sets, on some nights, the light hits the peaks and turns them into red rock.  The light and colors of it are stunning!

And YES!  There are dragonflies ... tho not as many which makes them even more of a blessing!

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