Monday, January 25, 2010

Re-Thing Barbecue - Any Good Sauces?

Yesterday, as we watched football, we decided to do some beef ribs and pork chops on a nice slow cook.  Add coleslaw and homemade oven baked steak fries and yummmmm!

Here is my issue - I never liked barbecue.  I love grilled anything but barbecue always turned me off because I never liked the sauces.  I am not a huge ketchup person and the sweet of most sauces just turned me off.

I picked up a bottle of the Bull's Eye Guinness barbecue sauce to try and it was ... ok.  the sauce - the ribs were great but we just used a regular spice rub with light sauce, more to be added by each person.

Now, I really thought Guinness anything would be good and it was better than most sauces but still SWEET SWEET SWEET.

I love ribs - I love the slow cook and I make a brisket to weep over and now I want to do the same for ribs ...

Who has a good recipe?  I will test it and feature it here on ...

Let me know what you have!!
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