Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Beehive Blog is looking for Utah Photographers!

As an enthusiastic amateur photographer, Flickr is one of my favorite sites.  I enjoy looking at other photographer's work and interacting with other passionate photogs!

The Beehive Blog has started a Flickr group just for Utah photographers and we hope you join us and share your work!

The Beehive Blog Utah Photo Group on Flickr

Utah has amazing natural scapes that lend to breathtaking images and I am looking forward to the great weather to get out and explore!

Do you have a Photographer from Utah that you would like to recommend?  The Beehive Blog would love to do some features - let us know if you are interested!

Do you belong to a photography group?  What are your favorite places to take the amazing shots?

Utah Lake in Provo

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