Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chapters Quality Used Books in Orem

I am a book nerd.  I love everything about books and the first place I check out in a new area is the bookstores.  Not the Borders and Barnes and Nobles (although I like them too) but the USED bookstores because that is where you find the treasures!

Upon moving to Provo, I was tickled to find Pioneer Books right on Center Street with their floor to ceiling stacks of books in every imaginable category.  I spent several hours on several afternoons going through shelf after shelf at Pioneer Books.  I was a bit dismayed to find that they had left their location on Center Street when I went to stop in a few weeks ago.  My dismay turned to cheers when I discovered that they had changed to Chapters Quality Used Books and had moved to Orem and a new location on State Street.

So for all of you bibliophiles that believe treasures are found in huge stacks of used books - Check them out!  Their selection of Utah, History and Religion is particularly awesome!       

Chapters Quality Used Books
858 S. State Street Orem, Utah

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