Tuesday, August 17, 2010

sometimes ...

Some of my posts are transferring in ... sigh as VOX that I was so tickled to get back to is closing their platform ... bear with me friends as posts are incoming ...
Sometimes we need to come back to where we were, like putting on a favorite shirt or visiting a place that brings good memories.  That is how I feel about VOX *grin*.  I have spent an enormous amount of time in the big, bad blogosphere and I like it, but I felt the need to return to a space that was comfy for some more private thoughts and different sharing.

I always loved my VOX community and I was tickled pink to see so many of my favorite people are still active.  It feels lovely to step back into this comfy shirt.

It has been almost a year since I last updated and, wow, things have been crazy but in some really good ways.

I moved to Utah.  In fact, as I sit here and type, I only have to raise my glance over the top of my computer to see the Timpanogos peaks to the north and the face of the souther Wasatch front to the east.  Big, gorgeous mountains.  I moved last October.  Some friends had relocated to Provo and since Florida felt more and more claustrophobic, I decided to accept their invitation and join them.  So, Zach (the munchkin man who is now taller than me at 13)  and I packed everything we could in about 10 tubs and off we went, sight unseen, to Provo, Utah.

 Zach got to see snow for the first time and, much to his chagrin, shovel it.  He is in regular school here, not virtual school anymore, and he is learning to play the guitar.  We were adopted by a chubby, diva kitty named Annabelle and we have since adopted another kitty, Noodle.  Our friends left and returned to Florida in April and Zach and I stayed on.  We have found home.
Provo is a little university town.  I say little because by my standards of places that I have lived like Fort Lauderdale and London and Phoenix, it is little, but it is the second largest "city" in Utah.  Provo is primarily known for being the home of BYU.  We are in beautiful valley, commonly called "Happy Valley", that resides between Utah Lake and the southern Wasatch mountains.
Provo feels a bit Norman Rockwell to me sometimes because the people are SO nice.  We have eased into the slower pace though and we love it.  The churches are active - almost 90% Mormon and are the hub of community activities and they are completely gracious about including non-members.  So we have had lovely summer picnics and pop-ins from the neighborhood to visit and Zach attends scouts every week.  Idyllic and I love it.
Finally, after a frenetic five years, I feel calm.  I feel safe.  and I feel like I am in a place to rebuild my life.

The economy has been challenging for me and I have been unable to find work in my industry.  Thankfully, I adapted and I have some posts that I want to do about some of the entertaining and a bit nutty roles I have taken on in the past 18 months.  I am currently working as the Director of Social Media and Digital Strategy for 4virtu.com and I love it.  I get paid to tweet and blog and network - what can be better than that?

I also have my own company that has been formed as a New Media Consortium - Parasol Creations.  I have several good friends that were in similar boats to me with the economy so we have pooled our talents and our experience to form Parasol Creations.  It is early days but we are already working on some client proposals for marketing and social media campaigns.

In between, I have done social media for some small companies, my political blogging star has taken off a bit and I even have my own internet radio show, I have run a taxi company and I was the Communications Director for an US Congressional Campaign.  I have been writing and tweeting and blogging and networking and finally, finally, it feels like it is paying off.  It has been quite the 18 months!

My husband is still in England and, unfortunately, we are still married.  International divorces are pricey and survival has been far more important than a piece of paper telling me that my marriage is over.  We did not have children together and I have not seen him in 2 years, although he still haunts my periphery and sends me hate email every now and then as he stalks my twitter accounts.  Seriously?  Seriously. 

I am still taking pictures and my photography has been my salvation as has been my writing and my friends.  I am still here.  and I am blessed.  We can't really ask for more than that!

SO, my VOX friends - what have you been up to?  I am looking forward to re-connecting!
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