Sunday, August 22, 2010

some completion

A little over three years ago, I began a journey that took me out of country, cross country, traveling to multiple countries and just a general lack of a "home".  My life was fractured with little bits of me in Arizona, Florida and London.  I try not to be materialistic but this journey has included an incredible amount of material loss - like my library of 800+ books, family photos and other treasures. 
Simplification has certainly been the order of the day ... of necessity going from an almost 6 figure annual income, a marriage, a beautiful home and an exciting career track to barely keeping my head above water, a separation waiting for the legality of divorce, a new little home and a decimated career due to the economy.
But that is what life is all about, right?  Challenges, Joys, Sadness, Contentment, Grief - And our characters are measured by the grace and fortitude with which we weather the tsunamis of life.  I get that.  but sometimes I cannot help a bit of a whine ... or feelings of deprivation ... and then the immediate guilt that follows because so many are in far worse shape than me.
Living in Utah and restarting with nothing but a few tubs of personal items and clothing has been a great learning experience and has certainly led me to appreciate the simplicity of life that I have found here.  We have a little home but the key word is "home".  It has become a sanctuary and a place that my son and I feel safe and relaxed and ... finally ... content and settled.  PHEW.

Z-man arrived back from Florida today - he has been gone since 7/3 to visit his Dad and my family in Florida.  This was the first chance that we had to get him back since we arrived in Utah last October so it was a great visit for him but I was thrilled to have him back!
He is 13 now - taller than me - has this weird deep voice and is just a cool kid.  All of the moving has been tough on him but he rarely ever remarks on it.  He just rolls with it and let's Mom find her way and trusts that I will get us there.  What a kiddo.  I am truly blessed.
So, he is home.  A little taller and not so much the baby that I still think of in my mind.
We also added a new kitty this week - her name is Noodle and she is part Siamese.  Princess Anabelle had her nose out of joint for a few days but at this writing, they are romping and playing and settling in as well.
Moral of the story?  for me - Keep it Simple, Stupid. :)  Contentment does not have to do with material items - they can always be purchased again.  Contentment comes with safety, surety and sanctuary ... and is a blessing when it comes.
As well, Z-man brought one of my suitcases from Florida filled with all of my girlie things ... my jewelry, my hair stuff, my makeup - you know ... girlie girl things.  The suitcase was left accidentally in Florida and was just too expensive to ship.  And I will admit, digging through that suitcase felt really good and the circumstances of the past few years made it feel like Christmas.
Next hurdle  - Back to School which occurs this week - Eighth Grade.  Good Grief - I am earning every single one of these gray hairs that keep popping out.
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