Friday, September 3, 2010


I just found out that a place that I have been blogging since like ohhhh 2006 is closing. 

Hhutting it's virtual doors in a few days.  What a weird feeling.  VOX was a great little community and a place where my London Yankee blog thrived.  So now posts are incoming to Beehive Blog - integration of the old and new into an evolved blend of now.

There may be some odd little posts tucked in here and there and that is probably because they are imports!  It is interesting that this occurred as I decided to pull in some of my niche blogs and home them all here as well.

As other Voxers move out into the main blogosphere, I am listing them to the right and I encourage you to check out their blogs - they are truly fabulous!  

Moving Days have begun!  BYE VOX!!!!

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