Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Thought Teenagers Liked the Mall - Or Is That Just Girls?

Yesterday, we went to the MALL.  I am not a huge fan of the MALL.  I used to be ... you know, when the Limited was brand spanking new, it was THE place to meet cute boys and Mom and Dad paid all the bills.  Now ... not so much.  But Z-man need some new clothes to fit his new 13 yr old image and since he just got back from Florida and then school started and work piled and ... sighhh.  Nothing like back to school shopping after school starts.

We got the haircut ... and it looks super cute (please Mom don't blog about my haircut - no seriously DO NOT BLOG ABOUT MY HAIRCUT) ... well, it does.  That is not blogging - that is Mom's Opinion.  I mean, I did not even get a first day of school picture this year because these certainly do not count:

One day I can say to my grandkids: Yes Darling, that was your Dad at 13 - that weird piece of white paper. 

They grow up tooooo fast.  But I like this age - or at least I did better when we were done shopping.  Imagine - here is Mom at Eddie Bauer, Aeropostale, the Gap BEGGING him to let me buy him clothes and here is Z, red-faced telling me to "leave him alone".

Like I was a stalker or something - here little boy, have a buy one get one free Eddie Bauer polo shirt!  Or jeans that are faded and torn and they want me to pay for that?!  And I got really scary and threw in some Aeropostale cologne and cool surfer dude necklaces.

It's ok.  He will thank me one day or at least his girlfriend will.  Thankfully, Mom ignored him, threatened to buy what I wanted if he did not pick something so we came home bags stuffed and then I saw the 13 yr old boy go into action ...

We pull up to home ... Z sees cute little girl down the street ... Runs into house ... throws on new cool t-shirt ... sprays new cologne ... necklace - check ... runs out the door ...Mom sighs.  You're Welcome little big man.  She better be a nice girl. 
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  1. Aren't teenagers just the best!?!? (sigh)

    My girls haven't seen anyone worth swooning over yet, and can say I'm still not looking forward to dating.

  2. I am FOR SURE not looking forward to dating but this is kind of the cute stage ... so far!


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