Friday, September 24, 2010

Oh Beehive Smashburger, Where Have You Been All My Life?

As the Queen Bee of the Beehive Blog, it was my duty to get to Smashburger and try their Beehive Smashburger ... it was a duty that I relished and I cannot wait to repeat!  We had our first of many to come visits to Smashburger at the Provo location ...

We tried several things on the super scrumptious menu:  the Beehive Smashburger, the classic Smashburger with everything and a create your own Smashburger.  We added the smashfries and the sweet potato smashfries and a grasshopper mint shake and rootbeer float.

The Beehive Burger was awesome - bacon, cheddar cheese, haystack onions and finished off with honey bbq sauce.  I did get the bbq sauce on the side but it was tasty and perfect for dipping.  The 1/3 pd burgers are big and juicy (without being greasy) and all of the flavors of the Beehive smashburger were distinct and worked well together.  Add the oh-so-frigging-amazing smashfries and I have a new focus for my cravings!
Beehive Burger
Why are the smashfries so special?  Because they are tossed with rosemary, olive oil and garlic and fried just perfectly.  New addiction ahead.  We were all a bit disappointed with the sweet potato smashfries - compared to the rest of the food, they just were not great.  The haystack onions were on my burger and would be a great complement to any of the food.
smashfries - my new addiction
Comments from the group: 
  • "even though the order was messed up, it was good in the end! my favorite was the create your own burger" (see below about the order) (13 yr old Son)
  • "nice view and good food - my favorite was the classic burger" (12 yr old Nephew)
  • "messed the order up but they did correct it and my favorite was the rosemary fries.  I usually only eat half a burger and I ate the whole thing!" (My Mom)  
The service was good, the restaurant was attractive and not too crowded and I loved how they served the burger and fries in the baskets.  My personal fave was a dead tie between the Beehive Burger and the smashfries.

Room for Improvement:
  • My son used the create your own checklist to create his burger but it still arrived incorrectly
  • My Mom ordered the classic and her burger arrived incorrectly as well
  • We figured out that the assembly of the burgers was the issue and the tops and bottoms were mixed up - the service person was great and brought us new toppings

Will we go back?  YES WE WILL ... in fact, as soon as possible because there is lots more to try on the menu!

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What is your favorite thing from Smashburger?
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