Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Beehive Blog Visits Park City for a Day Away

The Beehive Blog took a break from the blogosphere today and shot up to Park City.  And it was SO worth it.  I am a few months new to Utah (and loving it) so this was my first visit to the infamous Park City of the Sundance Film Festival and the Winter Olympics which is the only reason that I knew about Park City.

Sadly, I do not ski - sadly for my future orthopedic surgeon because I would be sure to end up in a cast and pay for a doctor's lovely Easter getaway.  No Thanks.  This Queen Bee will be quite happy to wander around taking pictures, talking to the folks up in Park City and taking in the sites.  And what great sites!

We wandered Main Street and enjoyed the steady snow flurries, popping in and out of businesses along the way.  Evidence of the Sundance Film Festival was all around as today was the last day.  Unfortunately, we missed Robert Redford and Paris Hilton (ok, that is not really that sad) and Tommy Lee Jones and Marissa Tomei.  Next year, The Beehive Blog will have to make sure to get up there and stalk check out some celebs.

Since The Beehive Blog is also Foodie oriented (please join us at our other blog Foodies Unite), we were interested to see the restaurant offerings and well, there are tons.  We sampled some yummy potato leek soup at Flanagan's Irish Pub and Restaurant to warm up a bit.  Multiple trips are in the planning simply to go back up and EAT at all the tantalizing places that we saw.

The Beehive Blog would love to hear from you as to what our target restaurants should be in Park City!  Leave a comment or tweet us and give us the buzz  on Park City's foodie and other offerings are your favorites!

Before we left Main Street, we fell prey to the amazing smell coming from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  We followed the smell and were greeted with the hugest pile (there really is no other way to explain it) of rice krispie treats in production that we have ever seen.  Samplings included a giant dark chocolate peanut butter cup, a caramel and chocolate dipped pretzel and some homemade cookie dough ice cream.  The Beehive Blog verdict?  The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is the Bee's Knees - they can do chocolate for us anytime!

The day wrapped up with a leisurely drive up Empire Pass and we had a peek at the site for the new Montage Resort (opening Dec 2010 with a 35000 sf SPA!).  It is a breathtaking area and the views from the resorts that I could anticipate as well as the talk of the spa under construction makes it a destination for 2011.

You can see images from the day at Shakti Womyn Photography's flickr account.
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