Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Protect Your Pets! Utah Spay & Neuter Clinic

The time had come when both of the little girl kitties needed to be spayed ... little Anabelle was making a ruckus all last week so we needed to find a place to get the kitties taken care of.  After some research on the internet, we spoke with the Utah County Spay and Neuter Clinic and we feel they deserve a mention here on the Beehive Blog.

Each kitty cost $35 for the procedure.  We dropped them early this morning and picked them up this afternoon.  The clinic even sent some kitty pain medication home with them.  The Utah County Spay and Neuter Clinic was a treat to deal with - all the employees were sweet and gave great information.  The Clinic was spotless and cheerful.  It was easy, affordable and the little fuzzy kitties are on their way to recovery, soon to be terrorizing the puppy and other cat in the house.

When we picked up the kitties this afternoon, they asked us to spread the word and we are happy to do so - if you have a cat or dog that is in need of spaying or neutering, please give them a call.  They are located in Orem at 801-404-5999.  You can also reach them through their website: No More Homeless Pets in Utah.

The tech this afternoon also said that they do shots/vaccines for all of the animals for $12/shot with a walk-in fee of $5.  Please confirm all the prices with them as it does vary according to what kind of animal that you have and the size.

The Beehive Blog would like to thank them for taking care of our wee little princess kitties!  We plan on using them again as we have a puppy that is next ... the stats are that 30,000 healthy dogs and cats are euthanized in Utah shelters every year.  Please keep them in mind if you have need!

Anabelle posing for Mommy Kim

Gracie in all her glory driving through Arizona
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